Mr & Mrs Norris – 6/12-14 Soldiers Point Road, Soldiers Point

Hello Dane

Mardi and I would like to express our appreciation for the manner in which you approached the sale of our unit at Soldiers Point.

I had done some research regarding selling a property and had (what I thought) were firm ideas on the methodology to be used to achieve the best results. We invited several agents to present their ideas, but were unimpressed, that is until you came along.

Your quiet, polite manner drew us to listen to your ideas, and without telling us what we needed to do to achieve a result, you led us to conclude that you were the person who could present our unit to a prospective buyer in the best possible light. You never once told us what price you would get for our unit, unlike some who promise the world. You simply convinced us that you would get the best price for us, even if it was more than we hoped for, simply by matching the buyer to our home, a buyer that would fall in love with it. We felt very comfortable in putting our trust in you, a trust that was well rewarded. You continually reinforced the fact that you were working for us, not the buyer.

The fourth person to look at our unit did exactly what you predicted; fell in love with it. And to top it off, you achieved a price that exceeded our expectations. Your sales technique has turned on its head my previous ideas on selling, and proved to me that you have your finger on the pulse of real estate, not only in the Port Stephens area, but in general. It was a great pleasure to deal with someone so professional, and who obviously loves what they do.
We cannot express our gratitude enough. Thank you Dane!

It goes without saying that we will tell as many people as will listen about the wonderful experience we had in dealing with you and PRD.