Mr A Jackson, Mr C Jackson & Mr B Jackson – 27 Victor Parade, Shoal Bay

Best Real Estate Selling experience imaginable
Dane is a true professional when it comes to selling Real Estate. My Aunty and Cousin who are both Estate agents vetted the local businesses for us so we could sell my Mum’s house, they both recommended Dane. In their view, Dane was the Agent who had the best positive attitude, knowledge and passion that was needed to sell this property.
In hindsight, I totally agree.
They told us to trust his judgement throughout the process and we did. He read the buyers correctly and told us what to expect in terms of bidding on the day of the Auction.
Dane went that extra mile to make sure the buyers-bidders had every i dotted and every t crossed so they could proceed to Auction with just the intention of buying a great property. He even made sure our Solicitors delivered the information he needed even though they thought it was unnecessary because he had the local knowledge. This in the end gave us the amazing result he achieved on our behalf.
I cannot recommend Dane and his team enough.
I would also point out that his Auctioneer was excellent as well, 5 out of 5 for him as well.