Mr Radnidge – 21 Yachtsman Crescent, Salamander Bay

A Tough Assignment

Having dealt with a multitude of agents in the past I advised Dane that I wanted an agent that worked for me (as well as the purchaser), who listened to what I wanted, someone who was prepared to back their word in relation to the property value estimate. Someone who would not feed me a lot of convenient and common excuses why the property was not sold within the first few weeks (based on client feedback?) which then needed a strategy review (usually reducing prices) within weeks of listing which is a common theme within this industry, then forcing me to then lower my expectations to satisfy a sale as the estimate had been overinflated in the first place simply to get the appointment. Dane informed me of his success and status within the industry and his achievements are impressive but my result was the only thing that I was focused on. I told Dane in no uncertain words that I did not want or expect the usual “sales” scenario that seems to be a convenient and common standard and I wanted my property his priority. He assured me of personal attention and delivery and maintained constant contact before and after appointment. Frankly I was amazed at how quickly he responded to my requests and how quickly the property was sold, within several weeks of his appointment. Whilst we had to negotiate on price expectations the approach was fair for both parties and it was only proper to consider the interests of the purchaser in the sale with some minor issues requiring attention. The purchaser was treated as I would like to be treated – fairly. I was extremely happy with the level of service, professionalism, communication and the end sale price and have no hesitation saying that this is the best sale/purchase experience I have had dealing with around 10 properties in the past. He is a young man that backs his word and his professionalism got the result that he promised. A rare experience and I am grateful for the ease of transaction and highly recommend his services.