Rosie Bunton – 513 Gan Gan Road, One Mile & 13 Wallawa Road, Nelson Bay

Over the course of the last 2 years, Dane Queenan has sold 2 properties for me within the Port Stephens area. With the first property, Dane received an offer, even before it was officially on the market to the public. At all times, Dane was enthusiastic, attentive and unfailingly courteous and professional. He kept me in the loop with reports on open for inspections and never lost focus on what was best for me and my properties. Dane was always honest and straight forward and never did I think he did not have my best interests at heart. He went beyond his call of duty and did things for me and the properties that were not part of his job description, due to the fact that I was not living locally. I have already recommended him to friends in the area and have no hesitation in saying he is the best real estate agent I have ever dealt with in my 24 years of buying and selling many properties. Dane deserves every award he has received. Dane it has been a real pleasure knowing you and doing business with you and I truly have appreciated every single thing you’ve done for me! I wish you and your family the greatest success in life.